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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Technology?

Stratiform’s Technical Advisory Services make sure that your technology works for your business, turbocharging your productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Stratiform’s Technical Advisory Services:

  • Team you with a dedicated technical advisor
  • Help you streamline your business
  • Offer productivity and efficiency guidance
  • Make sure you have the right technology tools
  • Maximize your workflows

Stratiform Technical Advisory Services

You’ve made a big investment in your technology. You want to be sure that it’s doing its job and that you’re getting maximum value from it. Otherwise, it’s a huge waste of money.

Stratiform’s Technical Advisory Services are designed to do just that, giving you expert guidance and advice tailored to your unique needs. A dedicated technical advisor will work with you to understand your business, applications, and workflows. This will give them a thorough understanding of how well your technology supports your business. They’ll make sure that you are getting the most bang for your technology buck. Your technical advisor will schedule monthly meetings and quarterly reviews to give you feedback and to provide invaluable recommendations.

What’s Included in Stratiform’s Technical Advisory Services

We offer our Technical Advisory Services in two easy monthly pricing plans. These services include:

  • Initial planning session with your organizational leadership
  • Scheduled monthly operational meetings with a technical advisor
  • Technical advisory on demand, when you need it
  • Service reporting on all our managed services
  • Unlimited email or telephone support regarding advisories

The premium Technical Advisory Services include everything in the standard plan, plus:

  • Quarterly business reviews with your senior leadership
  • Research and preparation for quality feedback
  • Notifications about important IT industry trends you should know
  • Representation for you with vendors and third parties
  • Communication with your senior leadership regarding important trends

Technical Advisory Services You Can Trust

You’ve made a big investment in your technology. We think that you should be able to get expert advice about it, when you need it, to make sure that it’s moving you forward. Think of us as your trusted and experienced IT advisor, always ready to help you out.

As your advisor, we’ll make the following promises:


We value our relationship with you. We’re committed to making it the best partnership possible, and we’ll only give you advice that is in your best interest.


We are transparent, and we always take ownership of issues and act with integrity in everything we do.


We are committed to helping you reach your business goals, and provide advice and advisory services with the highest levels of professionalism.


We believe in being proactive and responsive at all times, to be available when issues arise and to follow through on our promises.

Consult With the Cloud Services Experts

Stratiform’s technical advisors are your trusted cloud services advisors, ready to help you get the most out of your technology investment. Contact us to learn how we can help you overcome obstacles so your business can grow.

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