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Storage Management

Is Selecting, Integrating and Managing Storage Platforms Stressing You Out?

Stratiform’s Storage Management Services leverage our expertise to give you valuable insights into whether your storage is meeting your business needs. We’ll help you cut through the clutter to get you the right storage to move your business forward.

Our Storage Management Services will:

  • Let you know if you have the right storage
  • Help you manage your data
  • Monitor your storage performance
  • Provide patches and updates
  • Report & advise you on best courses of action

Managing Cloud Storage Isn’t Easy

It seems as if cloud storage is changing faster than ever. With everyone moving to the cloud, hardware and technology are becoming obsolete faster than you can say the word. And with so many options available, trying to figure out which one is right for you can make your head spin. Which platform is right for you? Does it integrate with your existing computing setup? Do you have the technical expertise to manage everything?

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it. At Stratiform, we have the people and technology to help get you over the hurdles – even when you have no idea where to start. As part of our storage management solution, we’ll parachute in, figure out your situation, suggest a course of action, and help you manage it all.

Our Storage Management Services

To help you make sure you have the right storage for your business needs, we offer the following Storage Management Services:

Volume Management

It’s tricky trying to manage both your data and where it lives in your storage devices. As your business – and technology – change, you need experts to help figure out how to move it to locations where it can best serve you. Our volume management services take care of all the day-to-day storage management tasks for you.

Stratus Monitoring

Making sure you have a healthy data storage environment is incredibly important. Our Stratus Monitoring service watches over your data like a hawk, watching for any potential issues that can arise that may affect your business. If anything does happen, we’ll start the process of fixing it through our ticketing system while notifying you immediately.

Storage Patch Management

Patches and updates must be done regularly or as-needed to make sure your storage system is working properly. We’ll take care of all the patch deployments for you so you on an agreed-upon schedule that won’t impact your business.

Basic Backup Management

Backups are essential. We’ll complete regular backup checks to make sure they are performed how and when they’re supposed to be. If we do catch any failures, we’ll report it and start the resolution process immediately.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

If you love raw data, our teams can provide it to you directly from our monitoring tools so that you can get quick info as your business needs it.

Your Trusted Storage Management Company

Stratiform was born in the cloud. As Gold Microsoft Partners, we know everything there is to know about storage solutions that will get your business moving. Our expert staff is passionate about helping businesses like yours grow by helping you find the right technology fit for your needs.

If you need cloud storage management – or even just want to know how to manage storage – get it touch with our experts. We’ll be happy to help make sure you have the tools to meet your business goals.

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