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Stratiform Advisory Services

Helping you envision and design your future


As the leaders in cloud adoption and integration, Stratiform’s Advisory Services help ensure your technology evolution is mapped to your business goals. Our Azure and Microsoft 365 Advisory Services along with our Custom Roadmaps and Assessments are ready to guide you into the cloud.


We focus on your business outcomes


Assess today and envision tomorrow. Our trusted Advisory Services provide strategies and planning that gain insight into your business goals and provide step-by-step plans that help you achieve them. Whatever your challenges, Stratiform can customize a solution that maximizes your business outcomes.


Transform your business with cloud technology


Many businesses need the flexibility to run some applications on-premises while moving others to the cloud. When you need a “Hybrid IT” approach, Stratiform makes the process seamlessly easy. Microsoft’s powerful and consistent technology platform allows you to run servers onsite, virtualize your workloads, or move them to the cloud. Whether you are testing the cloud for the first time, or going “all-in,” Stratiform has the expertise and experience to help you every step of the way.

Azure Advisory Services

Our Azure Cloud Strategy and Roadmap outlines how you can leverage the power of Microsoft Azure to move your business forward. With strategic insight into your organizational goals and strategic planning to help you achieve them, we’ll show you where Azure fits into your business and give you the flexibility to scale your operations for the best possible ROI.


Microsoft 365 Advisory Services

Our Office 365 Strategy and Roadmap lets you discover how Microsoft 365 can drive your success. We’ll conduct thorough assessments and provide consultations to show you where Microsoft 365 can streamline your operations while improving security, boosting collaboration, and facilitating mobility — all while helping you reduce your software costs.


Custom Roadmaps and Assessments

Every business has unique challenges. With Stratiform’s Custom Roadmaps and Assessments, we’re ready to help you find new ways to overcome your obstacles. Whether you need greater management insight or you’re trying to contain delivery costs, we offer customized step-by-step plans such as our Cloud Services Roadmap that identify and solve your pressing problems.

  • Cloud Services Roadmap
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and IT Integration
  • Virtual CTO Services
  • Cloud Security Advisory Services

Feature Service:
The Cloud Services Roadmap Engagement

Most businesses today understand the need to move their operations into a cloud-based environment. They’ve heard how cloud tech can reduce IT costs, boost efficiency, improve flexibility, and increased computing capability.

Unfortunately, while a company may have a “Cloud First” agenda, they may not the best plan or adoption strategy. The process of assessing and designing implementation can easily become overwhelming.

Stratiform’s Cloud Service Roadmap solves this problem.

We offer your business a customized roadmap to full cloud adoption within 12 months. Our consultants work with you to understand your goals, assess your current setup, and create a tailored step-by-step guide to help get you there. It’s a complete cloud adoption solution that takes the guesswork out of cloud migration.

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