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Is Managing Your SharePoint Setup Giving You a Headache?

SharePoint is a powerful tool, but it can be tricky to keep it running smoothly. Stratiform’s SharePoint Support Services relieve this headache, unlocking its potential so your business can take maximum advantage of everything it has to offer.

Stratiform’s SharePoint Support Services:

  • Help you reduce costs
  • Take your productivity to the next level
  • Keep you up to date with latest features
  • Prevent data loss
  • Offer a full SharePoint support solution

SharePoint Support Services That Set You Free

When it comes to file sharing, document management, and collaboration, SharePoint is without equal. It gives your teams an incredible amount of flexibility to organize and work together so you can meet your business goals. That’s why it’s the undisputed leader in document management tools among businesses worldwide.

But there’s no question it can be a tricky horse to tame. Because of its power and complexity, maximizing your SharePoint environment takes a significant investment of time and resources. And the last thing you need is to waste valuable effort configuring and managing it. You just need it to work. Stratiform’s SharePoint Services relieve this headache, freeing you from these tasks. As a Microsoft Gold Partner who knows the in’s and out’s of this product, we’ve got the expertise to get your SharePoint running smoothly and as efficiently as possible. So you can skip over the hassles and go straight to experiencing the rewards.

What are Stratiform’s SharePoint Support Services?

Whether you operate SharePoint on your premises or take advantage of our SharePoint migration services that will set it up in the cloud, our SharePoint Support Services will tune up and keep it running smoothly. They include:

SharePoint Management

We’ll help you out with operational management of SharePoint. This includes capacity management, system configuration, setting and managing permissions – as well as a variety of other common but critical tasks.

Stratus Monitoring

Our Stratus Monitoring service keeps tabs on the status, performance, and trends of all SharePoint activities in real time. If any issues arise, we’ll document and quickly respond through our ticketing system. We’ll also notify your appropriate staff immediately.

Patch Management

Keeping SharePoint up to date is incredibly important, both for operational and security reasons. Operating on a schedule that works for you, we’ll perform patches and updates to ensure the system keeps running smoothly.

Basic Backup Management

We’ll manage your basic backup functions for you, including complete regular backup checks to make sure they’re being conducted properly and when they should. And if we find any problems, we’ll troubleshoot them until we get a resolution.

SharePoint Development

Need a specific SharePoint service fine-tuned to your unique requirements? Our complimentary SharePoint Development service can set you up so that you’re off to the races with customized workflows.

Technical Advisory

Our complimentary Technical Advisory service will go over any technical support or metrics issues through a monthly review process. This will give you insight and analysis into how well SharePoint is working for you.

Why Trust Stratiform For Your SharePoint Support Needs?

Stratiform was born in the cloud. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we know everything there is to know about SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365. We live and breathe it, and our experts are passionate about helping businesses like yours get the most from this incredibly powerful tool.

Get in touch with us today and let us help you unlock the power of SharePoint for you.

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