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Office 365 Service Management

Does Managing Your Office 365 Setup Feel Like You’re Taming a Beast?

Let Stratiform’s Office 365 Managed Services take away the headache. We’ll handle the grunt work of managing licenses, security controls, application setup, changes, and VPNs – so you can stop pulling your hair out and get to work.

Our Office 365 Managed Services:

  • Keep your business organized and flexible
  • Take care of changes & backups
  • Handle all of your licenses for you
  • Monitor performance & notify you of problems
  • Included at no extra cost if we provide your licenses!

Office 365 Managed Services That Set You Free

The Microsoft Office 365 cloud platform is pure awesome. It gives you practically everything you need to do business – communicate, organize, analyze and collaborate. You can work from anywhere, anytime. And it’s all wrapped in a safe and secure package. That’s why so many businesses swear by it. It has become the gold standard in productivity suites. It gives you the tools you need to get your business moving like a well-oiled machine. With Office 365, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Unfortunately, keeping it all running smoothly can be a pain. It has to be configured. Backups performed. Security maintained. Users managed. Licenses handled. Changes actioned. Maintained. Usage tracked. And it has to be watched like a hawk so you’ll know about problems before they happen.

In fact, many companies hire staff just to manage their Office 365 services. At the very least, you’re probably having to spend your valuable resources on these critical but mundane tasks. But here’s the good news: you don’t have worry about any of this stuff. Because Stratiform’s Office 365 Managed Services are here to handle all of this for you. And best of all: since we’re also an Office 365 service provider, if you procure your licenses from us, these services are included at zero additional cost!

What’s Included in our Office 365 Managed Services?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we know Office 365 inside and out. In addition to our Office 365 Migration Services that sets you up with the power and flexibility of the cloud, our managed services include:

Tenant Administration

We use industry best practices to manage virtually all aspects of your Office 365 environment. Stratiform’s experts will handle all of the work for you so that you don’t have to get your hands dirty or waste valuable resources. We’ll:

  • Administer your Office 365 environment
  • Make any needed changes to your applications
  • Manage backups
Cloud Concierge

Depending on the number of users you have, managing licenses can be an enormous task. Our Cloud Concierge service does this for you, helping you get the most out of your investment. This includes:

  • Handling user licensing
  • Track usage
  • Advise you when licenses are going unused
Service Monitoring

Like any technology, Office 365 has to be continually monitored to make sure it’s working at peak performance. Stratiform’s experts will monitor your setup using the best Microsoft and third-party tools available. So you’ll always know that your Office 365 will be there when you need it. Which is always.

Service Notification

We keep our ear to the ground for anything that may impact your service. We take in all product notifications, filter out the noise, and let you know when something you need to know is coming your way. These typically include:

  • Planned maintenance
  • Service outages and timelines
  • Product changes
  • Proposed solutions to these problems
Service Desk

As a complimentary added service, you’ll have access to full desktop support through our amazing 24/7 service desk. If you have any problems, simply contact us and we’ll either solve it on the spot or escalate it through our 3 resolution tiers until it’s a non-problem.

Stratiform is Your Trusted Cloud Advisor

Stratiform was born in the cloud. It’s at the heart of everything we do. Each of us is empowered to get you what you need, as quickly as you need it – without the red tape. Plus, our Microsoft Gold Partner expertise fuels our passion for helping you to grow your business. Think of us as your trusted advisor – loyal, always at your side, ready to serve.

Get in touch with a cloud expert today, and find out how our Office 365 Managed Services will make your life a whole lot easier.

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