The Stratiform Team

We are a collection of talented individuals who are
passionate about delivering the best possible solutions.

Focused on what matters

Stratiform’s work is as much about your business as it is about the technology we work with. Because Stratiform is laser-focused on Microsoft IT solutions, we have deep expertise in implementing and managing these technologies. But more importantly, we do whatever it takes to specifically benefit your business.

This means we leverage the expertise of our subject matter experts and our relationships so that the impacts of your Microsoft investment are felt all across your organization—not just in the IT department.

Meet our Leadership Team

Jordan Byman - Stratiform Co-Founder and President

Jordan Byman

Co-Founder & President

I’m the President. Or in my second language, Mandarin, Wǒ shì zǒngtǒng. Trust me, it’s more surprising when it leaves my mouth. I’m an avid tennis player and fan, which is reflected in my day-to-day when I bounce between managing our Microsoft partnership, leading operations and helping with pre-sales. Or when I bounce between countries following tennis tournaments.

Darren Lloyd - Stratiform Co-Founder and VP Professional Services

Darren Lloyd

Co-Founder & VP Pro Services

I’m a Co-Founder. I’m also a Principal Consultant. I also wear a lot of different hats: the “hard hat” for when I implement technology and solutions for clients; the “magician’s hat” for when I develop strategies with our clients; and the “fedora” for when I bust out some Jazz on the piano, drums or organ.

Jordan Byman - Stratiform VP nnovation

Justin Kurtenbach

VP Innovation

I’m a Principal Consultant. Technology excites me and I work hard to get our clients just as excited about it – it’s a thrill. I also get my thrills from mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing, and watching movies like Pulp Fiction. Raising two daughters has also been quite the adventure.

Charlotte Dick-Cleland

VP Sales & Marketing

I run the sales and marketing team. Helping our customers find solutions to solve their biggest business problems delights me to no end. Finding innovative ways to tackle these business problems with new cloud technologies drives me to jump out of bed in the mornings – as does skiing, cycling and mountain biking with my husband and daughter.

Marie Pin

Director of Business Development, Managed Services

I drive growth through relationship building based on integrity and trust. My diverse IT consultative sales background in operations management and business consulting enables me to identify with the clients’ business needs and align them with technology and business process solutions. When I am not furthering my education, I enjoy spending time with my kids and practicing yoga.

Ian Storm

Director of Managed Services

I’m Director of Managed Services. I’m responsible for managing procedure and process. Not surprisingly I’m a huge nerd and love to geek out on strategic growth and computers. Here’s proof: I keep a clean desktop, clean icons, clean documents, and organized file structures. Yet I have a messy car, messy room, and messy desk.

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