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Podcast Solution:

Stratiform Stratus ID

Podcast Hosts:

Joanie Whittemore, Sr. Marketing Specialist (Stratiform)

Podcast Guests:

Greg Mardon, Consultant (Stratiform) and Shaun Guthrie, Director Information Technology (GoAuto)

Podcast Summary:

Employee onboarding and off-boarding is a fragmented, manual process with multiple touchpoints, dependencies and significant risks to corporate governance and regulatory compliance. Automation from a single tool that integrates into Azure, AD, O365 and Business Systems can provide significant value to HR, IT and the business. Stratus ID provides a positive employee experience, reduces burden on HR, helps to ensure regulatory compliance and removes risk to corporate governance by automating employee onboarding/off-boarding throughout the employee lifecycle. It utilizes workflows, alerts, approvals and synchronization with on-premises and cloud systems to fully provision and de-provision users and line of business applications.

Hear how this solution helped a Canadian company, GoAuto, reduce both the HR and IT workloads by eliminating over 30% of Service Desk tickets, and automate efforts required to onboard and terminate employees (from 90 minutes to 5 minutes).

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