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The features of Microsoft Cloud Solutions are amazing, but the success our clients have had with them is an even greater testament to their capabilities. Here are a few examples of the small businesses we’ve assisted with.

Case Study: Small Accounting Firm

The customer approached us and asked for help with changing their entire approach to IT. They provide accounting services to multiple customers and their IT problems and challenges were many:

Challenges Description
Multiple accounting applications Quickbooks and Simply Accounting – needed to be used to support their customers and so these were installed in several employees’ systems. As a result, multiple versions were present with no consistency.
Remote Access Because some customers required remote access to their accounting data, this had to be facilitated by allowing remote access to one or more accounting workstations.
Inadequate and Complex Security Security was difficult to maintain and enforce as data was not all kept in one secure location.
Manual Backup Solutions Backups relied on manual processes and these were complex as data was not all kept in one location.
Secure Communication Email was haphazard, relying on basic consumer solutions like Gmail.
Data Accessibility No centralized toolset was in place for controlling remote access to applications and data.
Scheduling & Collaboration No shared calendaring or collaboration tools existed.

Our Solutions

Our Solution

Stratiform services were provided that completely removed the customer’s headaches. The accounting applications were moved off of the employees’ workstations and installed to an Azure-based server. (Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform for hosting servers so that physical servers are no longer needed.) Additionally, Azure Remote App was implemented so that the customer’s employees and approved customers could now access the accounting applications and their data remotely – now from nearly any device: iPads, Android tablets and Windows devices.

Azure Backup was configured so that no manual backups need be run any longer and no local backup devices needed. And email was moved to Office 365 – Microsoft’s cloud-based messaging solution – so that email, shared calendaring and full collaboration was facilitated.

And finally, all support was now provided by the Stratiform team. This has meant quick responses and more effective support as most issues are easier to remediate and systems are away for the Stratiform team to gain access to and fix.


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