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Are Database Issues Such as Availability, Cost & Security Interfering With Your Business?

Stratiform’s Database Management & Support Services are ready to take away the hassle of database management, ensuring maximum security and availability of your data so that it’s always there when you need it.

Stratiform’s Database Management & Support Services will:

  • Let you scale up or down with a fixed monthly cost
  • Provide the expertise you need
  • Conduct patching & upgrading maintenance
  • Maximize database availability
  • Boost your data security

Why Database Management Is So Critical

Databases are the backbone of your entire network. Without a safe, secure, and available database to store your data, your business won’t be able to go very far. So you need to make sure that you have the right database capabilities if you’re going to meet your business goals. But managing and keeping them that way is a tricky job. Without the skilled resources to manage them, you’ll find yourself struggling to keep up with the always-changing needs of your applications. Not only that, but the safety of your sensitive data depends on your databases being securely maintained.

Stratiform takes that headache away from you with our Database Management & Support Services. We’ll provide the highly-skilled experts you need to make sure these critical components of your computing environment are running smoothly. Because everything depends on it.

Stratiform’s Database Management & Support Services

Our database management services are designed with one goal in mind: keeping your business operating. We’ll keep your databases happy with the following services:

Stratus Monitoring

Our Stratus Monitoring keeps a watchful eye on the health of your databases. We’ll look out for the status, performance, and trends of all your applications in real time, and watch for anything out of the ordinary. If we do find anything out of place, we’ll notify you immediately and log it into our ticket system to work toward a resolution.

Patch Management

Keeping your databases healthy and secure requires continual patching. We’ll work on a schedule with you to deploy all patches and upgrades so that they don’t interfere with your business while making sure your databases are in top shape.

Service Notification

Microsoft’s data centers are constantly issuing alerts of anything related to their products and services. We’ll watch for these and filter out the noise so that only the information affecting you actually gets to you. And if we find something that impacts your business, you’ll be the first to know. These notifications typically include:

  • Planned maintenance and possible impacts with solutions
  • Service outages and timelines
  • Key product changes
Basic Backup Management

We’ll conduct regular backups of your database for you, along with checks to verify they’ve been done properly and when they should. If we find anything amiss, we’ll immediately issue a ticket so that it can be resolved.

A Database Management Company You Can Trust

Stratiform is a Gold Microsoft Partner, and we know their products inside and out. Combined with the fact that our experts are empowered to bring you solutions to your technology problems makes us the perfect cloud and database advisor. We’re passionate about helping businesses like yours be all they can be, and we leverage our knowledge to help you overcome technical obstacles.

Get in touch with one of our database management experts today, and let us help you tame your databases so that they fall in line with your business needs.

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